Approved Projects 2021

iDoc Projects (interdisciplinary Doctoral Projects)

Automated classification of cervical cytology (Pap smear) images to detect precancer and cancer using self-supervised learning: a novel method for cervical cancer screening in low-income settings

Thiran, Jean-Philippe (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, HCUGE

Resolving diagnostic deadlocks in Systemic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases (SAID)

Eyer, Klaus (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, Inserm
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Developing personalized treatments of pediatric aggressive gliomas

Hierlemann, Andreas (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, Kispi
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Development of novel nanocarriers and immunotherapies for the treatment of prostate cancer 

Alimonti, Andrea (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UniGE, ICR

Optimizing IVF Outcome with a Personalised Medicine Approach

Iber, Dagmar (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USB
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MR-based synthetic CT generation for adaptive proton treatment using deep learning 

Zhang, Ye (Paul Scherrer Institut) | PSI, ETHZ

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HYPO: Digital Pathology and Artificial lntelligence for Precision Oncology

Frossard, Pascal (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV

Personalized management in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation using multi-omics predictive biomarkers and microbial community modeling 

Bokulich, Nicholas (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USB

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Cryo-EM structural analysis of cilia from PCD (primary ciliary dyskinesia) patients 

Ishikawa, Takashi (Paul Scherrer Institut) | PSI, Insel, UniBE

Towards the development of cryo-electron tomography as diagnostic tool for recurrent urinary tract infections

Weiss, Gregor (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, Kispi
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Spatial transcriptomics and molecular stratification of cancer patients using pathology images
Rätsch, Gunnar (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ
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Spatial and Functional Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment in Hepato-cellular Carcinoma for Stratification and Personalized Therapy 

Moor, Andreas (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USB

Transition Postdoc Fellowship Projects (TPdF)

lmproving CAR-T cell safety and efficacy through computational protein design

Scheller, Leo (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV
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Personalizing treatment of prostate cancer with image-based diagnostics informed by deep learning and physics-based models

Yamauchi, Kevin (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USB

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Engineering a living diagnostic for dynamically and non-invasively monitoring the gut to guide nutritional interventions

Asensio-Calavia, Alejandro (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UniBE
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Predicting clinically-significant microbial biomarkers via differential sequence assembly

Harun, Mustafa (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ
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Technology Translation Projects

Non-invasive assessment of intestinal composition and function with transcriptional recording sentinel cells

Platt, Randall (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UniBE

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TCR-QR: Identifying tumour-reactive TCRs for personalized T cell therapies

Reddy, Sai (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USB
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Second-generation microfluidic drug testing on solid tumor biopsies for guiding clinical therapy

Merten, Christoph (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV, RWTH
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Personalized GU Cancer Modeling in Nanoliter Tumoroid Droplets

Gehart, Helmuth (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UniBE, Insel
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Ex vivo image-based drug screening for precision medicine and drug discovery in Glioblastoma

Snijder, Berend (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ

Microchip-based circulating tumor cell profiling and drug sensitivity testing to sup-port clinical decisions in metastatic cancer patients 

Aceto, Nicola (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ
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SwissTumorScreen: integrating genetic screenings and machine learning to guide personalized oncology  

Oricchio , Elisa (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, UniL, CHUV