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Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT) is a strategic focus area of the ETH Domain; the latter embracing key research institutions like ETHZ, EPFL, PSI, EMPA, Eawag and WSL. PHRT’s goals include improving the quality of Personalized Health and Precision Medicine by providing a choice of individual therapeutic strategies for patients.

Through calls for proposals, PHRT funds interdisciplinary projects in education (doctoral and postdoc level), technology translation and research in order to foster the development of Precision Medicine and health research. PHRT connects hospitals and the institutions that make up the ETH Domain so that they can share and use health data across Switzerland.


In Switzerland, a number of national and international programs have committed themselves to the goal of personalized medicine. These include the strategic focus area PHRT of the ETH Domain and the SPHN initiative (Swiss Personalized Health Network) of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences. The two programs complement each other and coordinate their activities in order to promote Personalized Health and Personalized Medicine, in Switzerland.

PHRT Community

June 1, 2021
Call for National Data Streams (NDS)

On the road towards establishing a Swiss personalized health ecosystem, SPHN and PHRT have launched a joint call for proposals for National Data Streams (NDS).
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August 10, 2021
5th call: Approved projects

PHRT published the 23 approved projects for the 5th Call for iDoc, TPdF and Technology Translation projects.

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November 4, 2021 @ Basel
Share without sharing workshop

We are witnessing a fast-rising number of disconnected solutions, data silos, and varying opinions on how to best integrate the oceans of information. Are technology developers keeping track of what the society will accept?

November 4, 2021 at Congress Center Basel

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