Organization – PHRT


The PHRT Office is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. It is directed and supported by the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee.

PHRT Office

The PHRT Office is hosted by the ETH Zurich. It supports the EC and is in charge of the administrative and daily operation of the SFA such as set-ups of reviews, preparation of meetings, budgeting, controlling and reporting.

Daniel Vonder Mühll

Executive Director

Vanessa Deppeler

Finances, Administration

François Curtin

Medical Director

Marina Pierer

Communications Specialist

Jana Sophia Castagna

Finances, Administration


Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee is the highest governing body and is responsible for the overall strategy. It includes representatives from the  institutions in the program: Empa, EPFL, ETHZ, PSI.

Prof. Dr. Christian Wolfrum

Vice President Research ETH Zurich (chair)

Prof. Dr. Jan S. Hesthaven

Vice President for Academic Affairs, EPF Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Tanja Zimmermann

Director, Empa

Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg

Director, Paul Scherrer Institut


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for the strategic and operational decisions within the SFA PHRT. The members of the Executive Committee represent the involved institutions of the ETH Domain. The executive director of the SFA Swiss Data Science Center is a full member of the EC to ensure close collaboration. In addition, one of the members is also on an SPHN committee to guarantee the sharing of information and knowledge transfer.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wollscheid

ETH Zurich (chair)

Prof. Dr. Julia Vogt

ETH Zurich

Dr. Daniel Vonder Mühll

ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kozerke

ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Bart Deplancke

EPF Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Elisa Oricchio

EPF Lausanne

Dr. Olivier Verscheure

EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich (SDSC)

Prof. Dr. Didier Trono


Prof. Dr. René Rossi


Prof. Dr. Inge Herrmann


Prof. Dr. Alessia Pica

Paul Scherrer Institut

Prof. Dr. med. Damien Weber

Paul Scherrer Institut