1st Joint Personalized Health Day, Switzerland 

23 March 2018 - Paul Klee Center, Bern

Over 200 delegates from the Governement, the industry, the ETH-Domain, the Swiss Academy of Medical Science and partner organizations listened to key-note speakers addressing the opportunities and challenges in Personalized Health.

The scope of this cross-institutional event was to foster awareness, exchange and alignment among the various key stakeholders with regards to the purpose and the strategy of both, initiatives: PHRT and SPHN.

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titel: "Der gläserne Patient"  

titel: "Grosse Hoffnung ins Sammeln medizinischer Daten"  

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the introduction

what is Personalized Health? 

Peter Meier-Abt

SAMS, President SPHN National Steering Board

Detlef Günther

ETHZ, President PHRT Strategic Committee

Detlef Günther

the vision

two initiatives, hand-in-hand 

Gregor Häfliger

Vice Director, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)

Fritz Schiesser

President ETH Board

Daniel Scheidegger

President Swiss Academy of Medical Science

the Stakeholder complexity

risks, opportunities and benefits 

the political view

Pierre-Alain Schnegg

Health Minister Canton Bern

the patient's view

David Haerry

Positive Council Europe, EUPATI

using data at a University Hospital

Thomas McKee

University Hospital of Geneva (HUG)

ethics and society

Effy Vayena


Effy Vayena

data interoperability

Torsten Schwede

Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

collaborative research on health data

 Jean-Piere Hubaux & Olivier Verscheure 

EPFL & Swiss Data Science Center

international activities

Personalized Health beyond Switzerland 

taxonomy and biomarkers

Ashok Venkitaraman

University of Cambridge, Medical Research Council Cancer Unit

big data in biology and healthcare

Ewan Birney

Swiss European Bioinformatics Institute

awarded projects from the 1st call for proposals


Gunnar Rätsch


Ramon Saccilotto

University Hospital of Basel

Olivier Michielin

CHUV I University of Lausanne

Adrian Egli

University Hospital of Basel

Paula Picotti


Friedhelm Hummel


Participating institutions of the ETH Domain