Approved Projects 2017

Driver Projects (jointly with SPHN)

PRECISE: Identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets in inflammatory disease immunotherapy by high-dimensional single cell analysis and cluster proteomics.

Becher, Burkhard (UZH) | ETHZ, CHUV, InselBE, USB, UZH
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Swiss Molecular Pathology Breakthrough Platform (SOCIBP)

Rubin, Mark (Insel, Uni Bern), Rätsch, Gunnar (ETH Zurich) | InselBE, ETHZ, HUG, CHUV, USZ
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Personalized Swiss Sepsis Study (PSSS): Detection and modelling of sepsis using machine learning to analyse continuous ICU monitoring, laboratory, microbiology, and -omics data for personalized sepsis management.

Egli, Adrian (Uni Hospital Basel), Borgwardt, Karsten (ETH Zurich) | USB, CHUV, ETHZ, HUG, InselBe, UniBas, UniBE, USB, USZ, UZH
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Pers. Medicine / Pers. Health Research Projects

DPPH: Data Protection in Personalized Health

Hubaux, Jean-Pierre (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, ETHZ
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Genetically engineered humanized mice for personalized drug discovery in cancer immunotherapy

Reddy, Sai (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UniBas

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Engineering and clinical validation of scalable organoid models for personalized oncology

Lutolf, Matthias (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV
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Towards personalized precision medicine for stroke recovery: a multi-modal, multidomain longitudinal approach

Hummel, Friedhelm (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL
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iDoc Projects (interdisciplinary Doctoral Projects)

Post‐Surgical Auger Electron Therapy of Prostate Cancer Patients with Localized Disease: Development and Assessment of a New Concept for High‐Risk Patients

Müller, Cristina (Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen) | PSI, InselBE
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A microfluidic device for high throughput screening of tumor-reactive T cells for clinical applications in personalized cancer immunotherapy

Renaud, Philippe (EPFL) | EPFL, CHUV, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
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eXCITING: X-ray Cardiac tissue Tomographic Imaging

Bonnin, Anne (PSI, Villigen) | PSI, ETHZ, USZ
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Combining bone proteotype and multiscale excellular matrix properties for improved clinical fracture risk prediction

Schwiedrzik, Johann Jakob (Empa, Thun) | EMPA, UniBE, InselBE
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Morphometric analysis of epithelial bladder cancer progression

Iber, Dagmar (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UniBas, USB
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The role of Aregs in adipose biology and metabolism

Deplanke, Bart (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV
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Novel tools for quantitative pathology: testing the prognostic value of stromal evolution in hematopoietic malignancies

Naveiras, Olaia (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV
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Leukemia on Chip – Microphysiological Multi-Tissue System for Real-Time Monitoring of Patient-Derived Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Hierlemann, Andreas (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ
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Transition Postdoc Fellowship Projects (TPdF)

Immunogenomic engineering of a T cell display platform for personalized cancer therapy

Vazquez-Lombardi, Rodrigo | ETH Zurich (Sai Reddy)
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Stratifying intermediate-risk prostate cancer subtypes by complex-centric mass spectrometry-based proteome analysis

Martelli, Claudia | ETH Zurich (Ruedi Aebersold)
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Computational neuroimaging for personalised psychiatry

Harrison, Samuel | ETH Zurich (Klaas Enno Stefan)
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Single-cell transcriptome profiling of AML stem cells

Martins, Filipe | EPFL (Didier Trono)
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Technology Translation Projects

A Single Cell Transcriptomics Platform

Deplancke, Bart (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL
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Monitoring protein-RNA interaction signatures for neuro-degenerative and myodegenerative diseases by mass spectrometry

Leitner, Alexander (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ
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Strategies and standards for high-throughput, long-term, non-targeted metabolome analysis of human biofluids

Zamboni, Nicola (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ
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Protein structures as biomarkers of disease progression to support personalized patient care

Picotti, Paola (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ
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The MIDATA Platform for Ethical and Fair Citizen/Patient Participation in Personalized Health Research

Hafen, Ernst (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, BFH, USZ

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Transposable elements as cancer biomarkers and therapeutic targets

Trono, Didier (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL
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Single Cell Genomics Core

Beisel, Christian (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ
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Advanced Translational Imaging

Schibli, Roger (PSI, Villigen) | PSI, ETH Zurich

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