Approved Projects 2018

Driver Projects (jointly with SPHN)

SHFN: SWISSHEART Failure Network

Buhmann, Joachim (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ, HUG, USB, InselBE, CHUV, CIBM, UNIL
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Pers. Medicine / Pers. Health Research Projects

Targeting the brown fat - Personalized strategies for treatment of metabolism

Wolfrum, Christian (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, EPFL

Cancer radiomics targeted by pencil beam scanning proton therapy for deformable tumours

Safai, Sairos (PSI Villigen) | PSI, ETHZ
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iDoc Projects (interdisciplinary Doctoral Projects)

Personalized therapeutic strategies for patients with atrial fibrillation

Vesin, Jean-Mark (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV
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Examining the immune suppressive role of neutrophils in human colorectral cancer

Radtke, Freddy (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV

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Generation of an RNA base editor approach to treat ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency

Schwank, Gerald (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, KISPI

In silico clinical trials on personalized preventive measures for managing hip fractures in the elderly

Helgason, Benedikt (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, UBC
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Ex vivo image-based drug profiling for discovery and personalization of myelofibrosis treatments

Snijder, Berend (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ
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Novel approach to refining risk stratification for colorectal cancer patients: application of deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN) to predict outcome and molecular subtyping

Thiran, Jean-Philippe (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, UniBE

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An microelectronics-based in-vitro platform for testing major arrhythmic events in the rare cardiac disease ARVC/D

Hierlemann, Andreas (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ

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Transition Postdoc Fellowship Projects (TPdF)

Towards Personalized Therapy of Hematopoietic Diseases: ldentification of New Therapeutic Targets against Hematopoietic Malignancies by Proteomic Analysis of (Pre)Leukemic Stem Cells

Meier-Abt, Fabienne | ETH Zurich (Ruedi Aebersold)
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Multiomics characterization of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in the BXD mouse genetic reference population

Benegiamo, Giorgia | EPF Lausanne (Johan Auwerx)
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High Througput Personalized Treatment Screening for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Hirt, Christian | ETH Zurich (Gerald Schwank)

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Towards a new personalized in-vivo MRI biomarker of myelin integrity and damage in MS patients

Fischi-Gomez, Elda | EPFL (Jean-Philippe Thiran)

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Inferring individual chronotypes with transcriptomics for personalised chrononutrition

Phillips, Nicholas | EPFL (Felix Naef)

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Novel data-based screening for hip fracture risk and patient specific treatment selection

Fleps, Ingmar | ETHZ (Navrag B. Singh)
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Technology Translation Projects

Microbiome Profiling as a Technology to Support Personalized Medicine

Sunagawa, Shinichi (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ
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MedCo: Enabling the Secure and Privacy-Preserving Exploration of Distributed Clinical and *Omics Cohorts in the Swiss Personalized Health Network (jointly with SPHN)

Hubaux, Jean-Pierre (EPF Lausanne) | EPFL, CHUV, ETHZ, HUG, InselBE
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Nano-analytical Characterization of Calcifications for Personalized Medicine: a Mineralomics Approach?

Herrmann, Inge (EMPA St.Gallen) | EMPA, KSSG, USZ


Clip-free ocular proton therapy

Hrbacek, Jan (PSI Villigen) | PSI, POLIMI
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Deep Learning of Cell Morphology-Based Diagnosis of Sézary Syndrome

Claassen, Manfred (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USZ
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Treatment of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency via CRISPR-associated base editors

Schwank, Gerald (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, KISPI
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QA4IQI - Quality Assessment for Interoperable Quantitative CT-Imaging (jointly with SPHN)

Konukoglu, Ender (ETH Zurich) | ETHZ, USB, HES-SO, CHUV, InselBE, USZ

Spatially resolved, integrated lab-on-fiber fluorescence sensor for the monitoring of chronic and acute wounds

Rossi, Rene (EMPA St.Gallen) | EMPA, EPFL
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