Call for Proposals

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Through calls for proposals, PHRT funds interdisciplinary projects in education (doctoral and postdoc level), technology translation and research in order to foster the development of Precision Medicine and health research. PHRT connects hospitals and the institutions that make up the ETH Domain so that they can share and use health data across Switzerland.

In order to make the best use of the available resources, the PHRT call for proposals is coordinated with the national Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN).

Following the 1st call for proposals in 2017, the 2nd call for proposals in 2018, and the 3rd call for proposals in 2019, 54 PHRT projects were approved for funding. In parallel, two Technology Platforms have been established and are ready to process samples from clinical cohorts.

1st Call

November 24, 2017


By September 15, 2017, a total of 48 project proposals was submitted to PHRT. Each proposal was carefully evaluated by the international PHRT Review Panel consisting of 14 experts. Additionally, each proposal was reviewed by minimally two external experts and their opinions were used by the panel to reach a decision.

Based on the suggestion of the Review Panel, the Executive Committee approved 27 projects allocating an amount of CHF 24.556 million in five categories:

- 3 Driver Projects (kCHF 6’908)
- 4 PM/PH Resarch Projects (kCHF 9’035)

- 8 iDoc Projects (kCHF 2’098)
- 4 TPdF Projects (kCHF 895)
- 8 TechTrans Projects (kCHF 5’621) 

2nd Call

November 29, 2018


The review process of the 2nd call for proposals was successfully finished and we are happy to inform that 24 of 43 proposals were approved. The projects will be supported with CHF 10,9 million.

Of the five categories available the following were funded:

​- 1 joint Driver Project with SPHN
- 2 PH research projects
- 7 iDoc projects
- 6 TPdF projects
- 8 technology transfer projects


3rd Call

October 10, 2019

Focus of the 3rd call of proposals was on so-called Pioneer Projects, allowing for sequencing (whole genome, RNA transcriptomics, proteomics) of clinical cohort samples on the two PHRT platforms. Based on the suggestion of the Review Panel, the Executive Committee approved 3 of 8 projects, which will be supported with CHF 1,5 million.

Participating institutions of the ETH Domain