INTIMACY: IN-vivo GraTIngs-interferoMetry BreAst Computed TomographY – PHRT


INTIMACY: IN-vivo GraTIngs-interferoMetry BreAst Computed TomographY

Short Summary

We aim at translating the current 3D breast computed tomography (GI-BCT) prototype from a research-based laboratory system into a device that can be operated in a clinically relevant environment and ultimately at demonstrating the benefits GI-BCT in-vivo.


In a coordinated effort among academia, clinical and industrial partners, the project will address both regulatory and technical aspects to: (i) generate the necessary documentation to comply with GSPR/EU-MDR; (ii) scale-up the manufacturing readiness level of silicon-based gratings, i.e. the key components within a GI-BCT device (iii) deploy the necessary system development and advanced image processing to push the GI-BCT technology to breakthrough into the regime of clinical dose.


We will kick-off the first prospective GI-BCT clinical pilot study in patients with suspicious findings in the breast to assess the capability of GI-BCT prototype in measuring soft-tissue masses and surrounding DCIS in-vivo.


Our team has been a driving force in the translation of gratings interferometry (GI) enabled phase contrast X-ray imaging into medical applications and for advanced breast cancer detection. We carried out the first in-vitro GI enhanced mammographic investigations, provided the early indications of their added clinical value, and deployed an investigational device for in-vivo 2D GI- mammography at the University Hospital in Zürich. Our efforts have been driven in close and intense collaboration with strong medical partners to guarantee that scientific and technical developments are targeted to the effective medical questions. Our GI-enhanced 3D breast computed tomography (GI-BCT) instrumentation – aiming at a compression-free volumetric measurement of the breast with the patient in prone position – can be considered a fully functional prototype.

Technology Translation

Prof. Dr. Marco Stampanoni

ETH Zurich / PSI


  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc. hum. A. Boss (Clinical Partner, University Hospital Zürich)
  • Dr. Lucia Romano (Co-Applicant, ETH Zürich)
  • Dr. Michal Rawlik (Co-Applicant, ETH Zürich)


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