Personalized Medicine is Future

Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT) is a strategic focus area of the ETH Domain which encompasses six Swiss institutions: ETHZ, EPFL, PSI, Empa, Eawag and WSL. The main goal of PHRT is to drive the ongoing life science revolution that will ultimately transform medicine as it is today into ‘individualized medicine’. In essence, a person’s unique biological makeup will guide decisions on how to maintain and restore health. Thanks to its community of researchers and associated hospitals, PHRT is pushing the frontiers of knowledge on the mechanisms of diseases and opening the door to new treatments and technologies improving health and disease treatments.


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PHRT Edu Retreat 2023

On May 3-4, 2023, PHRT organized an Edu Retreat for the PhDs and postdocs working on PHRT projects with the goal of providing valuable input and strengthening the ties within

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Hope for patients with a severe rare disease

New research offers potential benefits for those affected by the hereditary metabolic disease methylmalonic aciduria. By combining the results of multiple molecular analyses, scientists can better diagnose this rare and

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