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What is Personalized Health?

The right diagnosis, treatments and tailor-made drugs for each patient

Today’s medicine is evolving fast. Rapid advances in life science and information technology allow us to collect and analyze enormous volumes of health data: clinical data, multi –omics data (e.g. genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, immunopeptidomics), data from biobanks, and health data collected by individuals (e.g. wearables). This has opened up the possibility of using each patient’s individual molecular makeup and unique characteristics as a basis for guiding medical decisions and restoring health.

The term Precision Medicine embraces this customization of medicine, with medical decisions and treatments being tailored to the individual patient. Making use of new technologies and data to optimize medical care for each individual is the ultimate objective. Personalized Health, on the other hand, aims to use patient data for the benefit of the population at large. This involves identifying and tackling health risks at early stages, applying preventive and therapeutic measures, conducting research and creating technologies with benefits for human health.

The interdisciplinary research in these areas is characterized by high levels of data security and an emphasis on ethical and legal considerations.

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