Platform Centers / Hubs

PHRT has established two platforms in Switzerland for large clinical sample cohorts, that generate consistent, high quality genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data. Each platform has the capacity to process several thousand samples per year. Both platforms offer processing of primary digital data collected from the samples to the stage of quantitative profiles. Both platforms have been extensively bench-marked and are operational.

Health 2030 Genome Center (Genomic Platform)

The  Health 2030 Genome  Center, based in Geneva, aims to  provide  forthe  large-scale sequencing  needsof Switzerland, thereby   facilitating   genomic   research   and   the   implementation   of genomic-based medicine.

Further information (fact sheet, PDF).

Team: M. Dermitzakis, J. Fellay, K. Harshman

Clinical Proteotype Analysis Center (Proteomic Platform)

The Clinical Proteotype Analysis Center in Zurich is a comprehensive and coordinated effort to accelerate the understanding of the molecular basis of disease/wellness, through the development and application of robust,quantitative,mass spectrometry-based strategies.
Further information (fact sheet, PDF).

Team: B. Wollscheid, P. Pedrioli, S. Goetze

Clinical Metabolomics and Lipidomics Center

The Clinical Metabolomics and Lipidomics Center provides untargeted and high-throughput methods for the unbiased analysis of human samples. It is ideally suited for biomarker discovery in large cohorts, and ideally complements genomics and proteomics analyses with a functional readout. The Center is located in Zurich, and cooperates tightly with the Proteomics platform to provide a one-stop shop for clinical mass spectrometry.

Further information

Team: N. Zamboni, A. Othman, M. Stravs

Clinical Imaging Hub

Through “Pioneer Imaging Projects” (PIP), PHRT explores strategies, approaches, methods and options for a new Clinical Imaging Hub in the ETH Domain. During the second PHRT phase, these PIPs shall transform into a multi-centric Clinical Imaging Hub that will sustain after PHRT comes to its end in 2024.

Approved PIPs:

Standardized Pipelines for the Accelerated Transfer of Advanced Imaging Software to Clinics
Unser, Michael (EPFL) | ETHZ, CHUV
Download lay summary (PDF)

CLARINET Artificial-Intelligence Assisted X-Ray Dark-field Radiography for Detection of Induced Lung Infections and Disease Follow-up
Stampanoni, Marco (PSI) | USZ, ETHZ

Towards Deep Medical Imaging Biobanks
Konukoglu, Ender (ETHZ) | USB, EPFL, ETHZ, USZ

Towards Holistic Tissue Analyses: a PIP for 3D Non-invasive Histopathology of Thyroid Tumors for Precision Medicine
Zboray, Robert (Empa) | Uni Bern, Insel