To meet the stated goals, close collaboration between science, engineering and medicine is essential. This is achieved by establishing programs that are complementary to the efforts undertaken by other initiatives, such as the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN).


The four program areas described below are implemented in coordination with SPHN and SDSC:

Platform Centers / Hubs

Platform Centers / Hubs to generate high-quality, high-volume individualized molecular profiling data from patients and clinical cohorts. The generated data is intended to directly inform clinical decisions. Second-generation technology platforms will primarily arise from ETH technologies developed in the first phase.


Research Projects

Personalized health related research projects with direct relevance for the patient. These projects will be carried out in collaboration with and jointly funded by complementary programs such as SPHN. Joint PHRT-SPHN projects (“Driver projects”) are funded via this channel.

Translational Technology

A translational technology program that intends to advance innovative technologies pioneered in the ETH Domain for clinical application. It is intended that some of these technologies could form the basis for second-generation platforms.

Educational Program

An educational program on the PhD and postdoc level to train the next generation of scientists in personalized health research.